Cleaning and taking care of the Feuerring

Use the steel broom to quickly remove any dirt or ashes from the grill ring. Use the scraper to remove any stubborn deposits with ease - the Feuerring turns cleaning into a fun activity, well almost.

It is important to oil the Feuerring, especially when it is still new: The more you use the Feuerring and let fat and grease burn onto the surface, the more beautiful it becomes. In other words, barbecuing is the most effective way to prevent corrosion! Do you remember the cast iron pans that you used to find in most kitchens? Unused, they start to rust, but once some fat has burned on, they are perfect for grilling and frying, they no longer rust and thus last a lifetime.

If you have not used and taken care of your Feuerring for some time and find it has gone rusty - don’t panic: The grill ring can be cleaned in next to no time. If it is just a little bit of rust, rub it off using a kitchen scouring pad, then oil the surface and light a fire.

If there is quite a bit of rust, apply plenty of oil to the cold ring, then light a fire, making sure the grill ring becomes too hot for barbecuing; oil it again when hot and then pour cold water over the top in a circular motion using a watering can or hose. Caution: It will steam a lot and the shock of water on oil dissolves the rust. You may have to repeat this process once or twice.

What you should not do: Do not polish or grind your grill ring, as by doing so you will destroy the so-called scale layer. This alone already protects the surface against rust; a blank grill ring rusts much faster.

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Cleaning with a steel brush

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