FEUER & RING takes “Gold” at Swiss Print Award 2017

The jury’ decision:
“Feuer & Ring set the jury on fire: 1st Prize in the Publications Category! Not surprisingly, as the set with its two black volumes, flat books in a slipcase, really generates “a passion for print” and – to the same extent – “a passion for barbecuing”. After all, that is the primary intention. And a complete success: with pictures that make your mouth water, perfectly printed on a black or white background. A culinary revelation, hands-on, haptic. Exclusive typography, gilded letters. The eye and the sense of touch join in the feast, devouring the barbecued delights served up visually. Flick through it – and you are transported to a barbecue, believe you can smell the delicious fare on the grill and mentally don your black barbecue apron…designer, printer, typographer, photographer, bookbinder – they all took up the challenge and met the very highest standards. And their client spared no expense.”