The bowls are welded together inside and outside, thereby ensuring the grill ring slopes slightly inwards.

After having the initial idea for the form - drawn by steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin - we utilise the talents of our expert in Eastern Switzerland. As the expert in the field of sheet metal forming he initially creates beech wood moulds according to our drawings. A unique wooden mould exists for each Feuerring model, each form and each internal base.

He also manufactures the base ring upon which each Feuerring can, just like a ball joint, be aligned horizontally regardless of the slope of the natural terrain.

All the bowls are transported to Küssnacht am Rigi - to Isenschmid AG. Together with Andreas Reichlin, the team at Isenschmid AG ensures the best possible steel surfaces for the grill ring. For the Feuerring, only the most aesthetic surfaces and the best steel sheets are selected, cut to size and then formed in the original die at a pressure of 95 t.

In accordance with our patent, the grill ring is welded to the bowls inside and outside to ensure it slopes slightly inwards. Due to the welding technique and the inclination, your Feuerring will not warp, not even when exposed to great temperature fluctuations, thus making it a true heirloom.

Martin assures



Every detail of every Feuerring is inspected by Martin, our head of logistics, during the acceptance phase. Only fully tested Feuerring grills come with our original certificate, which you will receive in the post or with the Feuerring upon delivery (outside Switzerland).

Our philosophy of sustainability means that no compromises are made in terms of the packaging either.

For delivery of our Feuerring grills by a forwarding agent, we have designed a wooden box that meets our and all the transportation requirements.

Our boxes consists of pallet bottoms and hoods screwed on them. These hoods can be used - inverted - or chopped with saw or axe for your very first fire.

The perfect edge and surface of the grill ring are also inspected, cleaned, oiled and protected with a wax ring by Martin. Other accessories, such as the cubetable/chair, are securely packaged and fixed on top of the inbox.

The cleaning set steel broom and steel scraper will be found inside the Feuerring. Steel racks or steel tubs travel to you lashed to a pallet.

My Feuerring

has arrived


Your Feuerring will be delivered curbside by our forwarding agent, unless you have requested another option (crane, carriers, helicopter …).

One day before delivery, the forwarding agent will contact you and arrange the exact time of arrival with you.

Your Feuerring then will be delivered curbside/next to the road. What happens next?

Have some work gloves and rugged workwear ready. The light, almost orange-coloured rust on the bowl comes off easily. But don’t worry if it comes off in some places during transport - due to weather conditions and eventual use, the individual colouring of your Feuerring will return over time. Just give the process time!

If you have a gardener (e.g. with a pallet trolley), have him transport the packed Feuerring to its final destination, if the garden path allows it.

Or remove the wooden box and carry your Feuerring to the desired location with the help of your gardener or some strong friends.

To do so, place two pieces of timber on top of the Feuerring and use screw clamps to fix the timbers to the inner edge of your Feuerring; this will allow two or four people to carry the Feuerring to its final destination.

You can also be brave and move your Feuerring by rolling it.

When standing up your Feuerring, have a second person put their foot against it to prevent it from slipping.

After standing up your Feuerring, roll it slightly tilted back, to stop the edge being damaged, to its destination.

In order not to damage the perfectly welded edge, please roll your Feuerring on old rugs or reinforced wooden boards (e.g. formwork panels) - not on stone slabs or concrete.

Preparing the installation site

On your garden lawn or a prepared gravel bed
You have removed the top soil at the site with a spade and filled the hole with gravel.

Position the base ring on the gravel - it does not have to stand straight, but the flange must face downwards to prevent the ring sinking into the ground. Now place the Feuerring on top of the ring.

Use a spirit level to ensure your Feuerring is level; adjust by holding the inner edge of the ring and pulling in the appropriate direction.

On a balcony
When installing the Feuerring on a balcony, we recommend placing it in a steel tray. You or your gardener should first place the tray on the prepared surface and then position the base ring and the Feuerring on top of it. Then fill the tray with gravel.

Make sure that the tray is filled with water when barbecuing to protect the insulation.

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Lighting a fire

Light the fire with the burn-off technique: First arrange large pieces of wood «loosely» in the interior so air can circulate, then stack smaller pieces of wood towards the top, and at the very top the kindling and igniter. For example our Feuerring igniter «K-Lumet», which burns for up to 15 minutes.

The burn-off technique helps to avoid annoying clouds of smoke, since a blazing flame will burn up any resulting smoke! You can also make use of this knowledge when barbecuing: If the fire starts to smoke, simply add some small pieces of wood that produce good flames quickly and help to minimise the amount of smoke.

Now that you have got your first fire going, you can prepare your barbecue - depending on the strength of the fire, you can start grilling after 30 to 45 minutes The heat given off by your Feuerring is then about 300°C on the inside and about 150°C on the outside. The resulting temperature zones can be used according to the type of food you are barbecuing: Melt raclette on the outer edge, sear beef on the inside or cook fish on an additional wooden board … just the way you like it, while taking the time to relax and unwind.

Do not place burning wood underneath the grill ring, as this would cause the surface to have the same temperature all over and you will no longer be able to utilise the various temperature zones.

Discover more barbecuing ideas in our cookbook set FIRE & RING.

Playing with fire

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