Briula - Feuerring


Valbella, Switzerland

Sometimes we get astonished by a cover picture in a magazine or a newspaper - in this case our dear colleague Martina - and the spark is immediately ignited ...... sometimes so much that it can result in a quick / spontaneous  decision - the perfect place for winter holidays with friends has just been found.

Even the telephone conversation with builder Nicole fueled further interest in getting to know this special place, which is only accessible on foot or by a snowmobile in winter. 

The Parpan family built a large part of the Briula alpine chalet themselves. They spend a lot of time in Briula with their family and only rent it out for a few weeks per year. 

A friendly, open manner of the landlady also brought the conversation to the subject that is close to Martina's heart - Feuerring. Nicole already knew about Feuerring and flirted with it - the Feuerring sparked...the fire is already burning: a few weeks later, the dream had become a reality - supported by designer Andreas Reichlin and partner Beate Hoyer, Luna 40 now decorates the wonderful seating area in front of the alpine chalet. 

Martina has already booked for New Year's Eve after a wonderful week at the farewell and she is now looking forward to no longer having to do without Feuerring  at this holiday resort...

Briula is a place with and for people with sense, desire and passion for aesthetics and design - here lovingly paired with grown tradition of the surroundings; a special kind of experience place.