Schmiedhof - Feuerring

Der Schmiedhof

Bayrischzell, Germany

60 km south of Munich an idyllic little town named Geitau can be found – located between  Wendelstein and Aiplspitz. Brigitte Schmied lives and works here with her family. At her "Schmiedhof", travelers can find everything needed to truly relax: nature, peace and quiet, a place to calm down and find new energy.

Eleven exclusive apartments show the charm of a traditional farmhouse under preservation order and how it can be combined with new design.

Brigitte has designed her farmhouse with passion that can be found in every detail. An original Feuerring has been a dream for long and is now a reality:

the cozy outdoor space was enriched by the reduced and timeless garden sculpture. 

For a change the Feuerring Luna 50 was delivered and set up by Andreas Reichlin himself, who sometimes does not miss the opportunity to meet hosts personally and to pass on the spark of the Feuerring philosophy himself...

Here you can find the path of the Original to Schmiedhof.