«Wenn öppis isch, wiäs ned set si
tuä ned muttärä und pfuttärä.
Überleg diär, wärum isch es ä so?
Was chan ich degäge tue?
Und denn tuäs!»



Barbecuing on art

Steel sculptor Andreas.

The inventor of the Feuerring.

The first of its kind.

A childhood spent outdoors in nature, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rigi massif and the clear waters of Lake Zug - accessible through the rough sandstone rocks, where Goethe had once sat, near the parental home.

These are the origins of someone whose relationship to art is based on a desire for visual, beautiful, special and precious things: Andreas Reichlin. The uncompromising form, the simplicity and finally the wonderful perfection of the workmanship are always essential to him.

Ever since his early youth, Andreas has followed the philosophy of his father, Ernst Reichlin, of viewing difficulties as a challenge and as an incentive to tread new ground.

Health issues demanded, for example, new solutions: Andreas was having trouble digesting food cooked over a charcoal grill and so he started searching for a new way to pursue his love of fire.

The result is a beautiful grill - the Feuerring - a sculptural design in which form and functionality combine perfectly to create a revolutionary barbecuing experience. The Feuerring allows you to experience enjoyable and healthy barbecuing at any time of the year, a graceful bowl that has a natural place at the centre of every social gathering.

With the Feuerring you never have to wait for the embers to reach the right heat, but simply barbecue next to a warm crackling fire and enjoy wonderful food without an unhealthy, charred aftertaste.

Perfect atmosphere and mood: Sitting together with friends, exchanging ideas, enjoying each other’s good company and the culinary delights, while drawing creative strength from the whole experience - that is Andreas Reichlin’s philosophy of life. The artist’s attitude towards life is reflected perfectly in the Feuerring.



After having the initial idea for the form - drawn by steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin - we utilise the talents of our expert in metal forming. He initially creates beech wood moulds according to our drawings. Our steel sheets are then stretched over these wooden moulds and shaped in a cold state on a press exerting 12 tons of pressure. This requires both flair and experience as well as a steel alloy that does not crack when stretched over the moulds and does not buckle when compressed – thus ensuring all of our bowls always have the perfect form.

A unique wooden mould exists for each Feuerring model, each form and each internal base. All the internal bases have a central opening at the lowest point to allow rainwater and any residual ash to drain off. The outer rings also have an opening which ensures everything that flows out at the top also finds its way into the ground at the bottom.

In the same way shaped is also the base ring upon which each Feuerring can, just like a ball joint, be aligned horizontally regardless of the slope of the natural terrain.

The highly qualified and experienced partners and experts which effectively meet the high quality demands of the artist, give the designer and sculptor, Andreas Reichlin, the space he needs to focus on new things.

Feuerring GmbH

Alongside his partner Beate Hoyer, Andreas Reichlin manages Feuerring GmbH in Immensee, Switzerland.

The original Feuerring has been turning the grill market upside down since its launch in 2009. And you could call it a «revolution» when you look at all the imitation products on sale in Switzerland today, but also in Austria and Germany and around the world.

While the grill market is desperately trying to reinvent itself through indirect barbecuing and with the help of Feuerring as «the first of its kind», the true original, bursting with its own creativity, authenticity and awareness of values such as quality, sustainability, attentiveness, health and friendship, is busy pursuing powerful paths of sculptural garden design.

On every step of the way – from the initial idea to the design, quality and perfection of the production techniques, the advertising activities and the use of our precious resources – we strive to think and work sustainably.

By using regional Swiss craftsmanship, Feuerring works sustainably and creates a true Swiss original: The patented and now copyrighted Feuerring – an object whose design is characterised by its combination of aesthetics and functionality.


Surrounding yourself with beauty and authenticity, while staying true to your roots and values.

Interview with Andreas

What makes someone a good designer?

We appreciate it when the design creates a ‹rounded› ground-breaking product that combines functionality, aesthetics, structural innovation, materiality and ecology in just one form.

What is the best moment during a project phase?

The best moments are when the initial ideas have not yet been implemented and then exceed all your expectations. When they in turn lead to something new … perfect!

How do you convince customers of your product’s virtues?

That’s never been our motivation – we believe that our authentic voice always ensures that we’re understood by those who think and live their lives the way we do … it’s nice when what seems coherent to us also convinces others.

How do you draw attention to your product?

Gaining attention has also never been something that motivates us - people who lead an original lifestyle soon recognise what’s good and what’s not.

How do you treat your competitors?

With respect, how else …?

Which star of the design world would you like to meet personally and why?

It would be great to chat to the artist Richard Serra - his reduced sculptures, his understanding of form and space are essential inspirations for our life and work.

What’s your personal key to success?

Being authentic, treating people with respect and living a sustainable lifestyle.

What are the most common obstacles that you have to overcome in your daily work?

Actually, we view difficulties as challenges that’ll drive us forward if we’re prepared to tackle them. For instance, when dealing with people who are unaware of their own inner limits, we feel challenged to open up new ways of thinking and seeing, thereby making ourselves understood.

In which sectors or branches of industry would you like to become more involved in the future?

We definitely want to preserve the power of art in our everyday work – and to create time windows for us and our team to boost our energy and creativity. This vigour then takes us forward in a very simple and spirited way …

What is your favourite communication project that you weren’t involved in?

These are also the works of an artist, Pipilotti Rist, whose sensual video installations stimulate the viewer to adopt new perspectives and to critically examine the current state of affairs.