Chris, Max and the lake trout

Salmo trutta

Max Heinzer, a top fencer from Immensee/SZ, rarely finds time to relax. As such, he takes every opportunity he can to spend some peaceful and quiet hours fishing out on Lake Zug and later sat around his Feuerring - and barbecuing his fresh catch in the healthiest way possible is very important to him.

Chris Züger, a top chef and recipe creator for Feuerring, decided to venture into the world of business and self-employment with the Mémoire Restaurant in Zurich and his own firm Lust auf mehr GmbH.

Besides cooking and sport having become their respective vocations in life, Chris and Max are also real Feuerring barbecue enthusiasts.

And obviously using only the freshest ingredients available: Top sportsman Max Heinzer and top chef Chris Züger discovered they have a lot in common in the beautiful setting of Lake Zug. The plan was to catch and cook a fresh lake trout; Max, a passionate and successful angler, was able to show Chris some fishing tips and tricks.

To create a fantastic menu, Chris has brought along some «superfood»; food that contains an abundance of nutrients, active ingredients or vital substances. Chris gave Max’s taste buds a real treat with a serving of grilled avocados, papaya, pomegranate, spinach with quinoa, ginger and turmeric.

Thanks to the Feuerring, all the vegetables are cooked gently at the perfect temperature.

Chris and Max’s menu: Lake trout filled with green herbs and limes and cooked on the Feuerring.