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It doesn’t get easier than this:

Barbecuing with the Feuerring

Feuerring opens new perspectives and explores new dimensions of barbecuing.

292 pages, more than 70 recipes, making-of photos, interesting facts about Feuerring
FEUER: A selection of delicious menus that hosts can barbecue for their guests
RING: Small dishes that invite you to barbecue all around the Feuerring

Recipe creations by food stylist and recipe creator Judith Gmür-Stalder and master chef Chris Züger were barbecued, tested and photographed during 15 shoots in the Feuerring studio.

Photos: Dennis Savini, Anna Schramek-Schneider
Photographed in daylight, dishes not altered by artificial means
Lithographer: Georg Sidler
Recipes: Chris Züger, Judith Gmür-Stalder
Texts: Beate Hoyer
Layout: BüroNord & Feuerring
Print/Binding: Druckcenter am Rigi, Bubu AG

Resource-conserving regional production, self-published
Lessebo uncoated paper
Three coloured edges in matt black, spine screen printed black
Binding: Lay-flat book for best presentation of the photos and seamless flow of images; book opens without breaking the spine or falling apart
Cover: Thick black cardboard with the title embossed in gold
Size: 212 x 276 mm; each book is approx. 40 mm thick

Approx. 4 kg

Just like the Feuerring, the books present themselves as if they were cast in one piece with a sharp edge.

The success trilogy
Red Dot Award 2016 «Best of the Best»
Swiss Print Award 2017
German Design Award 2018
According to the German Design Council, our cookbook set FEUER & RING has every right to call itself «innovative and groundbreaking».

«The binding must rest for approx. four weeks in an air-conditioned room to ensure the pages bond smoothly, firmly, cleanly and permanently.»

Master chef

Chris Züger

«Due to its reduced form, everything is possible with the Feuerring.»

Food stylist

Judith Gmür-Stalder

«The Feuerring is a sculpture, a feast for the eyes and a creative cooking island; the ideal way to put the brakes on fast-paced life - barbecuing on the Feuerring gives you the time to relax and unwind.»

Two times 150 pages with over 70 recipes, making-of sceneries and interesting facts about barbecuing with the original: One work, two mighty books, and not merely because of their combined weight of almost 4 kg. A black cover, embossed and with special binding. This allowed us to create a seamless flow of images - perfect for the colourful and «glamorous» recipes and making-of photos by Dennis Savini and Anna Schramek-Schneider (Zurich). Moreover, as the name suggests, these lay-flat books lie open completely flat.

Our two cookbooks FEUER & RING can only be ordered as a set.

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