Sechseläuten 2016

Feuerring underneath the Böögg

A fantastic summer was on the cards - if the swift demise of the Böögg (a giant snowman effigy stuffed with fireworks) was anything to go by: The over three-metre-high artificial snowman exploded in under ten minutes at the annual «Sechseläuten» festival in Zurich, thereby predicting long, hot summer days. It is still open for debate whether the Feuerring was the actual reason for such a quick blast; the truth is, however, our LUNA 50 Feuerring, which is the perfect contrast to the Böögg, was blazing at the bottom of the pyre in 2016. We had been persuaded to take up the challenge by a «guildsman»; and Feuerring enthusiast and designer Andreas Reichlin was more than certain: Our Feuerring can cope with the Sechseläuten fire.

The LUNA 50 was thus thrust into a baptism of fire and passed the test with flying colours.

The summer of 2016 was indeed a great one; but with a Feuerring in your own garden, you can look forward to lots of lovely days both summer and winter.

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