Laura and Joel

Your own garden became a real place of rest and relaxation in 2020. And even better and more beautiful when you are accompanied by a warming original whose distinctive design pleases the eye and a blazing fire that shifts the focus to the important and essential things in life.


Make the best of these times of social isolation with the Feuerring and enjoy being together with your partner and family - there’s nothing quite like sitting around the original.

Our two dedicated Feuerring enthusiasts, Joel and Laura, brightened up their evening with a delicious combination of vegetables: Green asparagus - roasted on the glowing Feuerring without any oil at all - served with spicy roasted leek rings and feta cheese, a colourful mixture of diced potatoes and half grilled chicory filled with pear and gorgonzola, and seasoned with pink pepper.

Explore “places” with Feuerring - for your Feuerring vacation.