On Lake Lauerz

«I like Andreas’ nature, his humour and I’m deeply impressed by what he does.»

Enjoying nature, travelling, discovering new things, getting to know other people and sensing their concepts of life with interest: Chris’ way of life means that he is usually quite «relaxed».

«I’m not happy when most things in life follow the same pattern. I therefore consciously make sure my life is not the same day in, day out. I’m open for and curious about new things. But, above all, I try to live as freely as I can.» Chris Balmer and Feuerring inventor Andreas got to know each other because they were close neighbours. «When it fits, it fits,» says Chris. «Of course we have different demands, but I think that somehow we’re still ‹on the same wavelength›.»

Live your life
as it suits you.


Together with his friend Christoph, Chris created «Makai-Boards», a brand for the new craze of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP); also a success story for Chris and «Chregu». It meant taking a few entrepreneurial risks and investing in the business, but the friends can, above all, look back on many exciting and successful years: «For me Makai means: Lifestyle, quality, fun, free time and work, and it presents a new and extremely fascinating challenge every day.»

Let us accompany Chris and his friends on a trip to the green outdoors. Chris’ boards and the Feuerring are, of course, must-have items.

Chris Balmer’s recipe

Easy fish recipe

Whole salmon


Olive oil




Spring onions

Bunch of green asparagus

Salt & pepper

Marinate the whole salmon with a herb marinade and olive oil, inside and outside.

Cook slowly on the Feuerring, e.g. on cedar wood boards.

Sprinkle regularly with fresh lemon juice while cooking.

In a bowl, add thinly sliced potatoes, salt, pepper, oil, fresh rosemary and fresh chilli - mix and roast on the Feuerring.

Cut the spring onions and/or green asparagus in half and barbecue, drizzle with olive oil from time to time.