Luna Grande

In order to be able to harmonize the form of a Feuerring sculpture with it´s surrounding, the designer Andreas Reichlin needs suitable dimensions in large gardens.

With its strong presence, the new "Luna Grande" series is a volumetric design element that nevertheless appears light and weightless thanks to its reduced form. 

The massive material used makes new dimensions possible:
The diameters range from 1400 to 2000mm, the ring thicknesses from 20 and 25mm,
the bowl thickness is 15mm and they weigh between 300 and 800 kg. 
With these dimensions the Luna Grande makes a confident statement and builds a well-proportioned and elegant center of attention in the garden.

By the way: due to its design and material, the Luna Grande can hardly be surpassed in terms of durability

And what designer and music lover Reichlin is particularly pleased about: the large resonance chamber leads to a full, balanced sound - What could be better than warming body and soul at a crackling bonfire?