Olympics 2016

«When barbecuing on the Feuerring, high-quality food is cooked gently»

... says master chef Chris Züger. Essential to him - as well as to all of us at Feuerring - is the reduced philosophy and simplicity of barbecuing: Additional equipment is not necessary; a beautiful fire, the best ingredients and culinary imagination are all it takes to barbecue Chris’ recipes on the Feuerring. Chris Züger’s open and positive charisma, his fascination for creative culinary experiences with the Feuerring are impressive! It was in fact Chris who suggested going to Brazil and taking the Feuerring along to the House of Switzerland. During the 2016 Olympics, he and his team ensured that guests to the House of Switzerland enjoyed a wonderful culinary experience. He served about 2000 meals a day and, under his watchful eye and guidance, our Feuerring grills became a real highlight of the House of Switzerland.