How everything started


The Feuerring philosophy is born

A childhood spent outdoors in nature, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rigi massif and the clear waters of Lake Zug - accessible through the rough sandstone rocks, where Goethe had once sat, near the parental home. The atmosphere when sailing out on the lake, the wind on your skin; all this served as the source of inspiration for a creative mind.

These are the origins of someone whose relationship to art is based on a desire for visual, beautiful, special and precious things: Andreas Reichlin. The uncompromising form, the simplicity and finally the wonderful perfection of the workmanship are always essential to him. Ever since his early youth, steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin has followed the philosophy of his father, Ernst Reichlin, of viewing difficulties as a challenge and as an incentive to tread new ground. Health issues demanded, for example, new solutions: Reichlin was having trouble digesting food cooked over a charcoal grill and so he started searching for a new way to pursue his love of fire. The result is a beautiful grill - the Feuerring - a sculptural design in which form and functionality combine perfectly to create a revolutionary barbecuing experience. The Feuerring allows you to experience enjoyable and healthy barbecuing at any time of the year, a graceful bowl that has a natural place at the centre of every social gathering.

With the Feuerring, you never have to wait for the embers to reach the right heat, but simply barbecue next to a warm crackling fire and enjoy wonderful food without an unhealthy, charred aftertaste. Perfect atmosphere and mood: Sitting together with friends, exchanging ideas, enjoying each other’s good company and the culinary delights, while drawing creative strength from the whole experience - that is Andreas Reichlin’s philosophy of life. The artist’s attitude towards life is reflected perfectly in the Feuerring.

Stylish sculptural design, high-class finish and thoroughly functional, that is the Feuerring.