Natural chef

Purely pumpkin

A fully completed cycle is important to Rebecca Clopath when cooking. And the relationship to the local landscape, producers and farmers is absolutely essential.

For the Feuerring, Rebecca has come up with a simple yet very effective recipe that almost makes itself: A warm, spicy pumpkin with caramelised beechnuts.

Rebecca Clopath’s recipe

Pumpkin from the Feuerring

20 g beechnuts

10 g ghee

30 g white sugar

1 pinch of coarse salt

Pumpkin seed oil

Sour cream

Place the pumpkin next to the fire or embers and leave to cook for about 3 hours. Move and check it every now and then.

Roast the beechnuts with the ghee on the Feuerring.

Sprinkle white sugar over the top - keep the mixture moving.

Add 1 pinch of coarse salt.

Keep everything moving until it has caramelised.

Place the caramelised nuts on baking paper and leave to cool.

Remove the pumpkin from the fire and cut it open. Pour the pumpkin seed oil and the sour cream in a circular motion over the cut open pumpkin and sprinkle the slightly chopped beechnuts over the top.

Photos: Daniela Kienzler