Swiss Print Award 2017

FEUER & RING receives «Gold»

The Swiss Print Award is a recently-established prize aimed at fortifying the Swiss printing landscape through adherence to values and quality awareness as well as a «passion for print».

In 2017, our long-standing and valued partner for printed matter and thus also for our cookbook set FEUER & RING, Druckcenter am Rigi AG in Küssnacht, took part in the event.

The Swiss Print Award jury consists of industry representatives: Typographers, designers, advertisers as well as agency, publishing and printing professionals and paper experts. The award is given to works that have made a significant contribution to strengthening printed matter within the media landscape.

Consumer benefits and emotional appeal are specified as assessment criteria; the functionality is evaluated and the communication purpose and advertising appeal examined.

Creative innovation obviously also plays a role; design, form, originality and appearance are judged; critical experts cast their verdict on the typography, the quality of imagery and processing and the actual finish and evaluate on the professionalism and intrinsic value.

The work of all those involved in the cookbook set FEUER & RING lived up to all these requirements and the Druckcenter team was proud to receive this sought-after publication award in gold in mid-May 2017.

The jury’s verdict

«FEUER & RING sparked fascination among the jury: 1st prize in the Publications category. It’s no wonder really, since the set, consisting of two black lay-flat books in a slipcase, really whets your appetite for both printed material and barbecuing. After all, that’s the main purpose of the whole project. And everything fits down to a T: With mouth-watering images, printed to perfection on both black and white backgrounds. A tangible and tactile culinary revelation. Impressive typography, golden letters. The eye and the sense of touch are invited to dine and devour the visually presented barbecued delicacies. While browsing through the set of books, you’ll believe you’re actually at a barbecue. Smelling the wonderful aroma of barbecued delights and already tying the black barbecue apron around your waist... Designer, printer, typographer, photographer, bookbinder – they all took up the challenge and met the highest standards. And the client spared no expense.»

Claude Bürki, freelance journalist and member of the jury, Männedorf