Five colours and the unique tastes of fire. Bread like tinder served with butter pemmican and fire fish. Flame tree and burning bush jam. Smoked sausage from black Ayam Cemani chicken. Glacé created from freshly cut and roasted Swiss stone pine.

The «sorcerer» working his magic at the Feuerring

Gourmet chef Stefan Wiesner,

aka the «sorcerer»,

serves up an eight-course meal on the Feuerring.

There is no sorcery required when it comes to cooking on the Feuerring, although the «sorcerer» is highly creative and uses the element of fire to produce a series of almost poetic menus at his Rössli Restaurant in Escholzmatt, Switzerland.

Gourmet chef Stefan Wiesner is often referred to as the «sorcerer» and some of you might already have heard of him or perhaps even enjoyed his culinary delights.

Wiesner’s gourmet menus combine philosophical thoughts and pleasure. For him, cooking truly is a blend of ethics, ecology, culture, architecture, aesthetics and art, but above all of knowledge and skills.

Wiesner is highly creative and weaves his magic in experimental, unexpected and provocative ways. The Feuerring creators also view this as a unique and wonderful collaboration.

The names and descriptions of each individual course of Stefan’s «Celtic fireside feast» are mouth-wateringly delicious, or «gluschtig» as we say in Switzerland. Some of the tantalising treats on offer are the «five colours and the unique tastes of fire», nibbling on «bread like tinder» with «butter pemmican» and «fire fish»; a «flame tree as a taste experience» and «burning bush jam». Another absolute highlight is «smoked sausage from black Ayam Cemani chicken» cooked on a bar above the Feuerring or the «glacé» made from freshly cut and roasted Swiss stone pine.

Stefan Wiesner’s culinary art in combination with the Feuerring guarantees maximum enjoyment at every level of experience.