Us women

Martina, Rieke, Richarda, Tatjana and Iris in Feuerring Fairytale Forest

Hello women, describe yourselves!

We like ourselves and we are happy the way we are.
We always find solutions for challenging situations because we think creatively.
We would like to be everywhere at the same time.

What do you like to do together?

Everything that is fun with friends and good company, especially forgetting everyday life while laughing! We cook, drink, go on city trips, do sports or go to the movies - that's how we create distance from everyday life, which is good for all of us!

How was your trip to the forest?

Great moods, nice company, silence, the smell of wood, leaves, fire and humid air. Wonderful colors, fire, smoke, sun, shadow, laughter, pleasure, warmth, relaxation, connection to the earth, carefree, distance from everyday life....

The Feuerring encouraged to try new things - we did. And, of course, exaggerated again...But, we were surprised about the turnout!
We laughed about ourselves and each other, and had lively conversations without distractions.

And: We found out that chainsaws definitely belong in women's hands, too!

Barbecueing is a man's job?

Definitely not! We wouldn't know why...(they would probably like that....:-)).
For us, there are no men's and/or women's things; it's all a matter of habits and roles we fulfill. We think it is good to question traditional roles. 
Which doesn´t mean we don´t enjoy it when our men take over this task from time to time...

Barbecuing is only nice in summer?

We barbecue at any time of the year and in almost any weather. In winter it is even more fun. There are always different beautiful impressions with this kind of outdoor cooking and we like this absolute diversity in cooking and that the result tastes completely unadulterated.

Grilling means standing alone at the grill and roasting meat?

But please not only: creating vegetable variations is "in" and vegans will also get along with the Feuerring.
In addition, the Feuerring is a social experience, it brings us closer - no one has to wait, everyone helps.

Grilling means too little space for all the grilled food?

With our large circle of friends, this can also happen at the Feuerring - but we are creative... It is no problem to plan several courses for the menu; be patient, be flexible and simply enjoy a nice aperitif a little longer together by the fire...