Andreas Reichlin
What really motivates you in life?

Pascal Haag
After completing my apprenticeship as a chef, working in various roles in Switzerland and overseas and spending seven years at the Hiltl Restaurant in Zurich, I decided to start my own business some years ago. Since then, I’ve been able to bring many vegan cuisine projects to life. They include, for instance, vegetable training courses for chefs, developing recipes for companies, organising courses on spices, co-authorship as a recipe developer for the award-winning cookbook «Leaf to Root» and guest chef appearances, where I cook my own dishes that are characterised by seasonal vegetables, legumes and spices. This is exactly where I belong. I want to make a real difference and inspire others with my vegan cuisine.

You’re already a very experienced Feuerring user. What do you actually think about its form?

I think it’s great. It’s reduced to the essentials and yet - or maybe because of that - the Feuerring allows you to move away from traditional barbecuing and towards preparing whole dishes.

What aspect of the Feuerring appeals to you as a chef, what is important for your work?

Since you don’t need a lot of cooking utensils for the Feuerring, I can focus fully on the actual product.  
To begin with, it was somewhat different. Sauces and larger legumes, for example, are challenging.

Do flavours develop differently on the Feuerring? How does it work with the flavour of smoke?

The good thing is that you can decide and influence how much of a smoky flavour you actually want depending on the dish. For example in «mutabal» - an oriental eggplant recipe - the flavour is ideal. I therefore prick the eggplants and simply leave them to char in the embers. This gives the flesh a very fine smoky flavour. To create a nice smoky flavour from the Feuerring, for instance, I place one or two pieces of charred wood, which are still smoking, directly on the ring. If I want more of a barbecue/roast-type flavour, I just leave out the smoking pieces of wood.

What do you personally love about the Feuerring?

It’s a beautiful work of art and, for me as a chef, it’s a great tool.

Vegetarian chef and recipe developer Pascal Haag and photographer Sylvan Müller bring us a fresh new look at regional-seasonal vegetables on the Feuerring.

A cookbook for people who enjoy the wonders of nature, the beauty of the changing seasons - also on a dining table - the sheer simplicity of preparation and the meticulous attention to detail throughout.

A cookbook for all those who love vegetables, whether as a complete menu or alongside a delicious piece of fish or meat.

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