The Vegetable Whisperer: Pascal Haag

VEGETABLES. wins Swiss Print Award in gold!

What the jury thinks:

"Black outer carton with clever folding and cutting die. Golden lettering promises "enjoy all around".  Once opened: a black cardboard box with a lid,  embedded with a black book with a brief title “Gemüse” ("Vegetables"). The open spine reveals that the book has been reduced to a minimum. The pictures: elaborately produced, captivating with simplicity and emphasizing the archaic style. 

The structure of the content also follows the motto "reduce to the max": title, ingredients, recipe description. Simple and straightforward. With many contrasts through the alternating light and dark pages, where the vegetables add color accents. In short, a recipe book for Feuerring customers, that also appeals to people, who don´t own these superb grill.” (Yvan Zumbühl, Jury Swiss Print Award 2022)

Vegetarian chef and recipe developer Pascal Haag and photographer Sylvan Müller bring us a fresh new look at regional-seasonal vegetables on the Feuerring.

A cookbook for people who enjoy the wonders of nature, the beauty of the changing seasons - also on a dining table - the sheer simplicity of preparation and the meticulous attention to detail throughout.

A cookbook for all those who love vegetables, whether as a complete menu or alongside a delicious piece of fish or meat.

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