Ein Feuerrring vor einer Stahlwand

Write your story

With the Feuerring we designed a form, quite reduced, very simple, moderate.

On the one hand, we love the reduction to essentials not only in design, but also in all the things that we think we need in life. 
On the other hand, this reduction makes the Feuerring a coherent object in any room. It supports any style, any taste by its modest appearance.

It carries the basic idea of attention to detail and can play a versatile role in the design of your living spaces. 
Get inspired and make your Feuerring the center of your life with your desires, your needs. 
Create quiet evenings for yourself, process and end the day at a blazing flame, take the power of the fire after a fiery breakfast into everyday life, get together in a convivial round and become creative - alone or together - through the archaic energy of fire, captured in a permanent form. 

Your Feuerring changes with the stories you experience around it and gets a kind of patina that makes it become an important and distinctive part of memory.

On our page "Places" you will find our small selection of places, where the daily business or life is led alongside the Feuerring. 
Each in its own way, each different, each beautiful. 

Have a look, visit the places, write us your thoughts about them, write your own story with the original Feuerring.