Studio, Immensee

Your place to experience uniqueness


The studio building in Immensee is the birthplace of Feuerring GmbH. Authenticity, transparency, a respectful view of others and sustainable design and working practices - these are the values that ensure the success of our relatively young company. Steady growth and an urgent need for more space led to the vision of expanding the existing building to include a covered outdoor area for events. The design was intended to make the company philosophy recognisable and to manifest the values that we live and breathe. Based on the Feuerring’s design, the architectural expression was obviously a clear design idiom and a reduction to the essentials.

We gave the original Feuerring the space it needs to present itself and develop. The space is open and permeable, allowing the natural surroundings to flow into the building and vice versa. A tunnel-like structure opens up towards the waters of Lake Zug and creates a reference to the design idiom of the Feuerring through its sculptural aesthetics and materiality. A blazing fire ensures social interaction with visitors and neighbours, turning the studio into a place to experience uniqueness.

With a footprint measuring almost 100 m², the tunnel-shaped annex powerfully complements the existing building; forming a fascinating unit that combines life and work. In addition to the historic village centre to the south, the location is characterised by its proximity to the extensive shores of the lake. Based on our corporate philosophy, the shell of AtelierKubus, made of local spruce wood, is clad with several tons of raw steel and charred oak wood. The same rule applied to the choice of forms as it did to the choice of materials: Reduction to the essentials. The elements are held in place merely by their own weight, i.e. without the use of bolts or brackets. A gallery floor is suspended in the almost 5 m high interior, opening up new views of the facility.