Stahlgestell mit Filzkissen | Feuerring – Das Original

Feuerring companions

The companions

Steel broom

Steel scraper

Cookbook set

Kubus chairs / tables

Felt cushion


Steel frames


We therefore have everything we need to spend quality time together with family and friends.

The Feuerring and all the accessories are defined by their minimalistic approach. Only items that are both beautiful and absolutely necessary find their way into our range of practical utensils.

It is impossible to add anything to the Feuerring without taking something away from its original form and function. Ash drawer, additional air vents, a grate – everything solved – without accessories.

The simplicity provided by the original is the most striking thing - and ensures you will never need to search for accessories again.

Rezeptebuch-Set auf Stahlgestell | Feuerring – Das Original
Stahlgestelle | Feuerring – Das Original
Stahlbesen und Stahlspachtel | Feuerring – Das Original