Ein brennender Feuerring vor dem Atelier



«Do you have a sparking profile to offer? Then send us your documents to bewerbungnoSpam@feuerring.ch



«The simpler the form, the better it works in various contexts. The Feuerring looks just as much at home in a traditional setting as it does in modern architecture. It would have worked 300 years ago and will surely still do so 300 years from now.»


Andreas Reichlin | Inventor of the Feuerring
Beate Hoyer | CEO of the Feuerring GmbH


«The moments experienced around the Feuerring with family and friends give it a very special meaning and the longer it is used, the more it becomes a place of energy and inspiration. Even without a fire.

The Feuerring is a decision for a life full of beautiful items, focussing on simplicity, creative design and enjoyment of the moment, secure in the knowledge that these moments shape our lives and the things around us.»



«As support for the "fiery operations manager", I burn to optimise the processes of our daily operations. Always with the aim of simplifying everyday things together, shaping our systems as the perfect basis for us and thus living up to our claim of individual and personal accompaniment to your own Feuerring.»

Anna | Feuerring – The Original
Martina | Feuerring – The Original


«Our communication is primarily based on perfecting the Feuerring.»



«The spark has been lit and continues to burn in your original Feuerring at home. My job is to support the «Feuerring Family» where relationships flourish and stories are shared. A place of togetherness for your and our passion - aesthetics - art - joy - pleasure!»


«Only who burns for something, can also ignite a fire in others. As a “Funkensprüherin” I burn for this fascinating sculpture and will gladly accompany you to find the right Feuerring. May my sparks also ignite a fire in you.»

Martin (Logistics)