Best brand

German Brand Award 2017


The award for excellence in brand management, initiated by Germany’s design and brand authority, the German Design Council, and judged by a top-class panel of experts from the brand industry and brand science: The German Brand Award is the award for successful brand management in Germany. It discovers, presents and awards unique brands and brand makers, thereby strengthening the importance of brand management as a decisive factor of success for companies in both national and international competitive environments. «The GBA is the first competition to cover all the disciplines of modern brand management and thus takes into account the complexity of brand management and the elementary importance of the brand for a company’s success. Brand management and design are two disciplines which are inseparably linked to each other and their contribution to the economic success of companies has greatly increased in recent years across all sectors,» says Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council.

Only companies that have been nominated by the German Brand Institute can take part in the competition. It is an independent and internationally active institution that supports companies in communicating design and brand competence efficiently and at the same time aims to strengthen the general public’s understanding of design. Established as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Parliament by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and several leading companies, the German Design Council promotes design and brands with its competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications.

The German Brand Award allows the foundation to present a unique award for outstanding brand management.

How we see Feuerring as a brand
Barbecuing on art: The Feuerring experience combines sculptural form, a fireplace and a place of togetherness. It houses an archaic fire, aesthetically conceived, exuding perfect workmanship and innovative in its functionality. Enjoyment from start to finish: The inwardly sloping steel rings welded to elegant bowls can be used to barbecue all year round, so that encounters and friendships can be experienced whenever you want around an ever-burning flame. A Feuerring is one of its kind, because it is stripped to the bare essentials. Feuerring is the original.

And the jury said
«Of course one can say of the Feuerring brand that the beautifully designed appearance and content of the communication perfectly presents the products, that a carefully structured sales and marketing organisation drives the brand, and that many other criteria for coherent and convincing branding have been met – but in the end there is one main reason for the success of this lovely brand: Behind it you will find people who want to convey the experience of the Feuerring with all of its functional advantages as well as the emotional and social aspects – in short, their own enjoyment of barbecuing. This is what an authentic brand really looks like.»

We are delighted to have received the gold award for «Industry Excellence in Branding» - Feuerring – the original!