There was really no other way for him

For Andreas Reichlin, an artist by nature and a steel sculptor, there was really no other way to express his imagination and creativity; simple beauty reduced in form has always been the basis for his artistic designs. And he appears to have been born with inventive talent: His father, Ernst Reichlin, challenged his three sons to always tackle everyday adventures in a simple and new manner – even if it was just transporting a full watering can in a car without spilling any water ...

So, when Andreas’ stomach started feeling like it was tied in knots after eating food cooked over a charcoal grill, he felt compelled to come up with something new, creative and unique.

The artist and sculptor had the everlasting beauty of an object in mind – completely devoted to art and reduced to the essentials; thereby providing full functionality in its simplest form. Fully dedicated to good design. He wanted it to be a work of archaic modernity. Creating something everlasting through the actual materials used: The Feuerring, a precious generational heirloom.

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The fact that this «Feuerring» was something completely new soon became apparent through extensive international research. And the patent confirmed this fact.

But the basic idea of barbecuing on a magnificently shaped object that meets the highest standards regarding quality, sustainability, durability and aesthetics has caused quite a stir, to say the least.

It opened up a brand-new market – and this became very clear to Andreas and his partner, Beate Hoyer, who witnessed a rapidly growing interest in their Feuerring sculpture. By having a clear sense of their own values and working in line with them, their newly founded company, Feuerring GmbH, has grown into something very special.

The two of them already lived an original lifestyle before the Feuerring. But together with it, their values have taken shape, while the right words have been found, claims written and brands created – in short: Hard work, creativity and ideas have been rewarded by embracing a way of life and a vision as they accompany the Feuerring on its journey to becoming a true classic.

Reichlin was credited as being the inventor and pioneer of the Feuerring idea back in 2005 and retains that moniker to this day. With this right now fully confirmed, the Feuerring market is gathering a whole new momentum behind it.

Urs Lüthy, Humcon Empowerment, talked with Andreas Reichlin in May 2021 on the topic of «Leadership» und the courage to fail. (talk in Swiss German)